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Bluehost review

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If you are still not convinced about a particular host then you can add me on facebook here. I have 3+ years of experience in running different websites and trying all kinds of hosts. If you have any doubt,anything at all you can approach me.

We are at the beginning of the year in  2013 but back in 1996 Bluehost was established with the sole aim of providing quality hosting services to the people worldwide.Since then they have been hosting over 2 million sites on the best servers online without any trouble. In fact we have never heard of a single bad case of Bluehost with bluehost running wary, or providing its users cheap services.
Blue Host reviews 2013

Bluehost pricing:
As a special  offer for the readers here for a limited time Bluehost provides shared hosting with one free domain at a monthly price of $4.95 instead of the usual $6.95. 

Here is the bluehost $4.95 promo code.

Bluehost hosting review 2013 and features:
Bluehost is a great web host and they are definitely one of the top web host, and that makes a good reason to choose them. 
  1. Unlimited web hosting space & unlimited bandwidth transfer. Bluehost provides an unlimited amount of space on their servers at no additional cost to the consumers.
  2. Unlimited domain hosting which means that you can host as many websites,blogs sites on a single Bluehost hosting plan.
  3. 24/7 phone support, live chat support, and email ticketing support. If you have any problem with any feature then please contact the customer support.
  4. CPanel with Fantastico & Simple Scripts installer.
  5. ANYTIME Money Back Guarantee.
  6. Free domain name when you signup Bluehost hosting.
  7. Free SSH shell access.
  8. Free shared SSL certificate and support ecommerce hosting.
  9. Free search engine submission.
  10. Support video streaming, audio streaming, real media, flash media, Ruby on Rails (ROR), CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, forum, ecommerce website, project management, blog, classified, directory, survey, mailing list, live chat, wiki site, real estate site, social network, RSS etc. New scripts are added every now and then. Over 50 plus scripts are supported now.
Blogs, business tools, client management, content management, e-commerce, education, forums, guestbooks, help centers, mailing lists, RSS and aspects of the online world are supported with the help of these scripts.
Bluehost WordPress Hosting:
If you have ever visited wordpress.org then you can se e that wordpress has been a recommended webhosting by wordpress itself and for the past 7 years WordPress.org prefers bluehost. To install WordPress sites there is a special icon of wordpress on the bluehost c panel.
Open Source Hosting with bluehost
Open source software is gaining in popularity. Options include Joomla, Drupal, and more! With open source you get a higher quality product that is more flexible and less expensive.
bluehost reviews 2012

Bluehost cpanel and free test drive with demo cpanel:

Even though Bluehost has so many features Bluehost gives a free test drive to its future users so that they can check how to deal with Bluehost .
The Bluehost c panel:
Bluehost c panels is one of the most convenient c panels available with one click installations supporting every major website creating platform- Ruby on Rails (ROR), CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, forums etc.

bluehost cpanel

Bluehost demo cpanel:

The demo cpanel looks exactly like the real c panel and you can test drive the bluehost experience without investing a dime.
BlueHost Server Software
With free hosting you experience a very big problem and that is of not getting the latest software around which makes them vulnerable to hackers but with Bluehost the server software is Apache HTTP server V 2.2.17 and OpenSSL V 0.9.8 e. 

Bluehost e mail hosting:

Supporting a wide range of e mail providers like outlook, gmail, yahoo Bluehost provides a hassle free experience with hosting your own e mail service for your customers to contact you. Users can set up e mail addresses of their own domain names, build mailing lists, manage them, create spam filters etc.

 CGI & Databases: The most attractive feature of Bluehost is that     it offers adequate space for incalculable databases on every single web hosting account. Several tools are offered to help you control your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases such as phpMyAdmin, CGI, and more for better control over your websites.
Ecommerce: Earn and increase your finances through your website simply by selling your products and services via some of the popular online shopping cart software like CubeCart, Magento, Zen Cart, and so on. By selling your products online through these shopping carts, it contributes to a high level of professionalism, which in turn boosts your confidence. 

Customer Service
Any hosting service which does not give its customers one on one support and available for help 24*7*365 is not a good hosting company but with Bluehost you just get a highly trained team well versed with every disaster that can occur while running your business and its free.

bluehost rating 2012

Bluehost rating: 5 stars

If you are still not convinced about a particular host then you can add me on facebook here. I have 3+ years of experience in running different websites and trying all kinds of hosts. If you have any doubt,anything at all you can approach me.